Finding a Good Porcelain Veneers Specialist in Los Angeles is not easy!
You’re only born with one smile. At least, that’s how it was for many years until the advent of dental augmentation. Veneers are one of the most effective ways to change and upgrade your natural smile. Whether you suffer from chipped teeth, crooked teeth, or dental conditions such as microdontia, veneers can help to give you a second chance at your dream smile.

Brighten Your Smile

Tobacco, coffee, tea, and other food items can stain your teeth. While brushing your teeth daily can help to reduce stains, there will be some stains that you won’t be able to remove entirely. Your teeth can even become discolored due to injuries to the root and to the tooth itself. Having veneer implants attached to your teeth will give you a second chance to whiten and brighten your smile.

Hide Crooked Teeth

Very few people are born with perfectly straight teeth. Crooked teeth are a common dental issue that begins in early childhood when baby teeth fall out to allow adult teeth to emerge. This process can often lead to overcrowding or the teeth growing in misaligned. Fabricated veneers can help to hide your crooked teeth by creating an aesthetically pleasing outer shell of false teeth that looks incredibly real. You can achieve a more attractive smile by installing a set of veneers to hide your crooked teeth.

Fix Gaps

Just as your teeth can grow in crooked, they can also grow in at such a way that they create gaps. The gaps between your teeth can range in degree from mild to severe. Mild gaps are easier to hide than severe gaps. Gaps created by dental diseases, such as microdontia, can be treated effectively with a set of veneers. Veneers will adhere to a small section of the tooth and provide a pristine barrier that resembles a full and healthy tooth. Opting for composite resin veneers when suffering from severe dental gaps is the recommended option due to how affordable composite resin veneers are and the fact that they require less tooth structure to be removed or altered to fit the veneers.

Fixing your teeth and enjoying the smile of your dreams is only a phone call away. Call Southland Dental Care now to schedule an appointment to receive a complimentary dental consultation today.

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