' Dental Implants Removal and Replacement Guide

Dental Implants Removal and Replacement in Los Angeles, CA

Dental Implants Removal and Replacement Guide

Dental implants are growing in popularity for people who need to replace one or more teeth. They are even an alternative to dentures. If you chose implants, you liked the convenience of:

  • A tooth replacement meant to be permanent
  • An artificial tooth that is molded to look authentic
  • A tooth that matches the rest of your teeth in color
  • A tooth that is mounted on a titanium post inserted in your jawbone

Implants don’t need to be removed. They are meant to function as well as your natural teeth. If you have a positive experience, they could last for at least the next twenty years. On rare cases, you may need to have your implants removed or replaced.

What is Dental Implant Removal?

In the event that your dental implant fails, your Los Angeles periodontist is your best resource for dental implants removal. In order to have a successful implant, the bone of your jaw and the titanium post must become firmly fused together. This is what causes the crown or artificial tooth to be fixed in place so it isn’t taken out of your mouth like dentures. In some cases, the dental implant may fail. For example:

  • The titanium post may not fuse with the jawbone
  • The jawbone may deteriorate
  • The gums may become infected

If the post becomes loose or gum disease occurs, dental implants removal will be recommended. If you don’t have the implant removed, it could result in severe bone loss. An infection could cause an abscess to form and increase your risk of a spread of your infection throughout your body.

What Causes Dental Implant Failure?

When you have a dental implant procedure, it will begin with oral surgery. Your Los Angeles periodontist will make preparations for your implant. If you have a deteriorated tooth, it will need to be removed. An incision will be made in your gums in the spot where you are having a tooth replaced. A titanium post is inserted into your jawbone. At this point, you will have to wait for the post to fuse with your jawbone. Once fused, your permanent implant will be mounted in place. If the post doesn’t become secure, it will have to be removed. If you don’t have good oral hygiene, peri-implantitis may develop. Infection in your bone and gums can result in failure. A blow to your jaw can also cause your implant to fail.

How is the Dental Implant Removed?

Dental implants can be removed at any time that it is necessary. This holds true if your implant is new or you have had it for years. The longer your implant is in place, the more firmly attached to the bone it may be. This could make removal more difficult. Generally, implants in your lower jaw are more challenging to remove. However, your periodontist can never predict if an implant in the upper jaw will come out with ease. You can expect anesthesia or sedation to be used in order to control your pain. Your crown will be detached from the titanium post first. The mount for the crown, known as an abutment, will be removed next. Finally, the titanium post will be removed. It’s like unscrewing a screw. A specific tool is used to latch on to the implant. Once latched on, it will begin to twist, bringing the implant slowly out of your jaw. In some cases, the post may become stripped like a screw. Your periodontist will make a new notch in the post in order to successfully remove it. Your Los Angeles periodontist may need to remove small portions of bone around the implant to free it from your jawbone. If the post itself breaks, removing it can become more complicated. If you have a health condition that places you at high risk of complications, your periodontist may recommend that your procedure is performed in the hospital.

Is Dental Implants Removal Painful?

During your procedure for removal of a dental implant or implants, you will not experience pain. Whether you are placed under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation, your mouth will be numbed. You will feel pressure. You may feel tugging as the titanium post is removed, but the procedure itself should not be uncomfortable.If at any time you feel pain, you should let your periodontist know immediately. If you are anxious, let your specialist know. Medication can be given to you to put you at ease. After implant or implants removal, you will remain numb for a short period of time. Your mouth will be tender and slightly swollen. You’ll experience the most pain in the first twenty-four hours once your implant or implants removal is over. After a week or so, you should begin to notice an improvement.

How Should You Take Care of Your Mouth After Implant Removal?

Avoid brushing for the first day after implant or implants removal. You should not use any type of mouthwash for at least two weeks after implant or implants removal. Hydrogen peroxide should not be used either. A mild salt and water solution can be soothing. Be sure to only use a small amount of salt in a glass of warm water to avoid irritation. Be sure to take your antibiotic and pain medication. For the first few days, avoid any hard foods. Stick with liquids and soft foods that will not both the site where your implant was removed. Once you can brush, be careful around the area where your implant was removed. You should not smoke after oral surgery. Make a follow-up appointment with your periodontist to monitor your progress, answer your questions, and address any concerns.

What are Your Options After Implant Removal?

Once your implant removal procedure is over, you’ll be left with a gap in your teeth. If you had more than one implant removed, you could have a considerable space in your mouth. This can be extremely upsetting, especially if it involves your front teeth. Your periodontist will give you options for what you can do next to restore your smile. Your choices include:

  • Waiting up to six months for your mouth to heal before getting a new implant
  • Getting a new implant immediately if your jaw and gums are healthy
  • Having a bone graft procedure to strengthen the jaw for a future implant
  • Considering a bridge
  • Getting dentures if your tooth loss is extensive

Your periodontist will be your knowledgeable guide, helping you to choose the right path for you. In most cases, your replacement options will take time. You will need to be patient. You want to make sure that your next option will be successful.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

The price of implant removal varies for every patient. If you have had failure of your implant early on, your periodontist may not charge you for removal. Otherwise, the cost of removal of your implant will also depend on your dental insurance policy coverage. How involved the removal process is can also affect your costs. Using general anesthesia as opposed to sedation could make a difference in the final cost of implant removal. You should consult with your periodontist about implant removal expenses to get an estimate from a knowledgeable source.

What to Expect at an Implant Removal Consultation

When you set up your initial appointment to have your implants removed, your mouth will be closely evaluated. Your periodontist will look for signs of dental implant failure, such as a loose implant, pain, infection, or deterioration of the bone. Dental imagery will be used to see what is happening beneath the surface. If your implant must be removed, you may need to take a course of antibiotics first to clear up your infection. Your general health will be taken into consideration. You will be advised to stop taking any medications, including herbal supplements, that could increase your risk of bleeding during your procedure. Your periodontist will discuss your options to make you comfortable during your procedure. If your surgery will be more involved, expect general anesthesia. If you have anxiety, intravenous sedation may be helpful for you. Your periodontist will discuss the length of the procedure and any risks.

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