What do Porcelain Veneers feel like?

If you’ve been thinking about obtaining some dental veneers in Los Angeles to enhance the appearance of your teeth, you’ve likely considered porcelain veneers. This material is known to provide the best results and will allow you to obtain a natural-looking smile. While the appearance of these veneers is natural, you might be wondering how the veneers feel when placed around the teeth. While this is an understandable concern, you can be confident that porcelain veneers will feel very natural once they’ve been positioned around your teeth. There’s no reason that you should notice these veneers when you’re eating or talking.

Benefits Provided From Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers feel natural when in your mouth because impressions are taken from your teeth before the veneers are created, which means that these veneers will match your natural tooth shape and size. Porcelain veneers should also last for a very long time, which means that you may not need to have them replaced for 10-15 years. Because your tooth will be filed down somewhat before the veneer is attached to the tooth, the veneer will fit properly around the tooth.

These veneers are also designed to look very similar to real enamel, which ensures that they look natural. Keep in mind that porcelain veneers can be wholly customized around your preferences. The customization options with porcelain veneers include the ability to change the shade and color of the veneer as well as the ability to alter the shape of the veneer.

Do These Veneers Need to Be Replaced?

In the event that your porcelain veneers become cracked, chipped, or fall off altogether, replacing the affected veneers will be necessary since repairing the veneer can be very difficult. However, you should be able to avoid replacing your veneers too often by practicing proper oral health care techniques. Porcelain veneers are considered to be nearly as durable as your natural teeth, which means that it’s possible for them to withstand a substantial amount of issues before becoming damaged.

Make sure that you receive regular checkups with our dentist to ensure that the veneer is in good condition and that your teeth are as clean as they can be. You should also brush and floss your teeth at least twice every day. Make sure that you never use your teeth to chew on ice, open packages, or perform similar actions. As for the foods and beverages you consume, try to avoid sugary foods and drinks as well as sticky foods like toffee. If you follow each of these guidelines, your teeth should remain in good condition.

If you’re interested in porcelain veneers, call our dentist at Southland Dental Care in Los Angeles to learn more about this dental solution.