Fillings cover cavities. It is common for fillings to fall out and as such, when they do, do not fret. You can have old fillings replaced. Sometimes, fillings just become loose because of long periods of use, and at other times because there is decay beneath them. Your LA doctor will establish the cause of falling off before re-filling is done.

What should You Do?

Assuming you have chosen the best Sherman Oaks dentist, notify your dentist of the fallen filling. A fallen filling may not feel like an emergency to you, but even then, you need to visit your dentist immediately just in case the filling fell off due to tooth decay. Again, when your teeth are exposed, they are sensitive to temperature, cold, pressure, and air.

Do not wait for more than a few days to see your dentist. You can visit Southland Dental Care for prompt teeth care. When the filling falls off, what is left of your tooth is not as strong and is prone to damage when left exposed for a long time. Again, when you wait for long, the teeth may move to the space where the crown was fitted, and this may cause fitting problems.

Prevent Fillings Falling Off

Your dentist will be able to detect any problems with fillings. Margins and uneven tear are visible to a professional, and while you may not see them on your normal dental care routine, your Los Angeles doctor will see them. Visit Southland Dental Care now to have your fillings checked. The dentist will also advise you on how to take care of your teeth to ensure that the fillings do not fall off.

Fillings have a weak point, and at one time, they will finally fall off and require and replacement. When you visit a dentist regularly, your dentist will determine the best time to change filling to avoid unexpected falling. Among the factors that cause fillings to fall include wear due to grinding and clenching, and bacteria. If left unattended, chipped teeth can lead to root canal problems.

Call a Dentist in Los Angeles, CA

With well-established dental offices like Southland Dental Care, you will be seen the day you call. Any situation is treated as an emergency. If your case is an emergency, you can even get help from your Los Angeles dentist during the weekend or at odd hours.

You dentist, just like any other visit, will ask your health history to establish what might be the problem. Later, you will be x-rayed to identify the issue and determine the right treatment for you. In most cases, your tooth can use a dental filling replacement. If the doctor recommends a replacement, you will be guided through filling choices. However, some dentists will refer you to another professional.

In some cases, your tooth may require root canal, especially where the filling fell out due to decay. You may also need a dental crown or dental cap to make the teeth strong. In rare cases, the tooth needs to be extracted.

Filling Choices

There are many restorati