' Why You Should Consider Teeth Whitening This Valentine Day

Valentine Teeth Whitening

Why You Should Consider Teeth Whitening This Valentine Day

Valentines Day is around the corner, and it’s the ideal time to impress your date with a beautiful smile. Perhaps you wonder if your date would fancy kissing you or even find you attractive. Then, worry less and head over to Southland Dental Care for Los Angeles zoom teeth whitening. Here are some benefits of whitening your teeth to help you wow your date.

Healthy Smile Boosts Your Confidence

A healthy smile makes you feel attractive and secure about your appearance. As a result, your self-confidence increases a lot. People with bad dental habits such as smoking or even coffee lovers tend to shy away from smiling due to stained teeth. Nevertheless, if your teeth get whitened, you smile more, which might be good for your job interviews. Moreover, new-found confidence is helpful when asking your date out on Valentines Day

Maintains Your Health

White teeth often represent healthy teeth. Your mouth’s health is essential because it affects your general health. When you Whiten your teeth and regularly clean them, you provide care for your teeth and gums. Therefore, your teeth receive protection from bacteria in the mouth and, in turn, become healthier. Clean teeth also ensure that your breath is fresh-; bad breath would surely ruin your Valentines Day. Have a routine of brushing your teeth after every meal to prevent bad breath. Contrary to the protection offered by white teeth, dirty teeth can affect your heart and bring about bad health. Taking care of your teeth seems hard, but you will do it with ease after getting your teeth whitened.

Most people tend to drink wine with their loved ones on Valentines Day. Despite this being the norm, refrain from drinking it within 24 hours after whitening to protect your teeth.

Teeth Whitening Makes You Look Younger

Despite having a naturally healthy and bright smile, what you consume can affect you. Foods and beverages such as coffee ruin the appearance of teeth by discoloring them. In turn, you might address this by applying filters to your photos to look young. However, filters would be useless in improving your appearance on Valentines Day since you are certainly going for a meet-up.

A brighter smile implies young age. By whitening your teeth, your crush or date will probably think you are five years younger than your age. People tend to focus on your smile, so other insecurities such as wrinkles and pimples go unnoticed. In addition to finding you attractive, people also perceive people with whiter teeth to be more successful.

Whitening Does Not Cost Much

Many aesthetic procedures cost a lot. However, teeth whitening is affordable, leaving you some extra cash to spend on Valentines Day. Moreover, whitening is more effective than facelifts, and you are more likely to receive compliments.

Whiter Teeth Create a Good Image

People pay great attention to other people’s smiles. Smiles are of more importance than we perceive. Starting a conversation with a smile creates a friendly environment with others and introduces your personality, for instance. A good smile is contagious, and your date may find themselves smiling with you. Thus, your date views you in a good way, ensuring you a successful Valentines Day. Apart from attracting your partner, a smile is ideal for certain professions such as actors, journalists, or flight attendants.

Whitening Produces Quick Results

Whitening kits take a long time to produce desired results, and changes may not appear by Valentines Day. But, you can achieve results faster by scheduling an appointment with Southland Dental Care for Los Angeles zoom teeth whitening. The whitening session consists of three whitening treatments, each 15 minutes long. You only require one visit, and you will witness significant changes to your teeth. Your stains will disappear in 10 days. Moreover, these changes last long, anywhere from one to two years, depending on your diet. Thus, its effects might take you not just through this Valentine but also through the next.

Whiter Teeth Improve Your Mental Health

Whitening your teeth helps to improve your smile and brain functioning. Poor oral hygiene causes several brain issues and conditions in life. In addition, you might get constantly worried about your appearance and, as a result, get depressed. However, you can protect your body from such conditions by whitening your teeth.

Teeth Whitening is Safe

We tend to perceive that teeth whitening causes a lot of pain. But, it is not a surgical operation and does not affect the tooth structure. Dentists ensure that the procedure is safe and causes no harm to your gums and teeth. However, you may experience some slight pain that lasts for short periods. Inform your doctor if you experience pain during the treatment.

Since our mouths are not the same, they should receive specialized care to prevent them from getting hurt. On the other hand, over-the-counter products do not provide specialized care for our mouths. For that reason, you might hurt your mouth when you use these products.

Where to Get Teeth Whitening

Obtaining that healthy smile is now easy. It boils down to whether you prefer visiting dentistry or whitening at home.

In-Office Whitening Method

In this method, our dentists use a special gel and light to remove persistent stains on the teeth. We protect the lips from contact with the gel and light using a guard. Every tooth gets into contact with the gel, and light creates an exact shade of white for all teeth ensues. This treatment is short as it involves three fifteen-minute sessions.

Home Whitening Method

You can opt to whiten your teeth from the comfort of your home. It would be best if you combined home whitening with in-office whitening instead.

Final Remarks

Stained teeth provide a primary aesthetic concern for Americans. The majority find their smiles unpleasant due to stained teeth, but it is treatable to our relief. Thus a good smile is essential, yet we ignore it. Book an appointment at Southland Dental Care to get sparkling white teeth to impress your date on Valentines Day.

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